Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Show & Tell At Bear Class

Ok so I'm sure I had the best show & tell at bear class today!  Shiloh is 6 days old today.  I must admit since he's been born my bear making has come to a bit of a halt.  Top pic are the ladies busy making bears, dogs & an elephant, Sue (teacher) is nursing Shiloh.  Bottom pic is Lisa & Shiloh, see her lovely bear in the background, she was busy felting it's paw when I arrived.

Hope you all have a great week.


  1. I think your huggy little bear is the sweetest one of all, although I have to say, Lisa's bear is a bit special, how lovely to have a place where you can go to learn how to make bears, I don't know of anywhere here where we can learn much of anything :o(

  2. What a lovely circle of friends at bear class. The little baby says it all. Friendship, support,
    caring, and sharing. Don't we all have a lovely hobby.

  3. Oh Julie, yes I think that is the best show and tell ever and lucky ladies getting a cuddle of such a brand new baby...he is gorgeous! Your bear making can wait a bit, baby cuddles are worth it.
    Kiss Noises Linda


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