Monday, October 24, 2011

Lovely Laces & Other Goodies

These are some of the lovely goodies I picked up this weekend at a local garage sale.  The laces included some lovely antique pieces.  There were 4 containers of buttons & sewing notions.  Divine doileys, including some lovely bluebird ones.  I think the lady owner was going to an aged care home so her daughter said she would love it that her precious laces etc were going to a good home!


  1. If only the doileys, laces and buttons could tell there story's. Looks like you had a very good day.

  2. EEkkk! How come I never go to these amazing places...great finds Jules...take me with you next time.....OK so maybe that won't work...maybe just put some of those lovely bluebirds aside for me..hehe
    kiss noises Linda

  3. Treasures !!!! and as Kay said wouldn't it be interesting to hear their story, dear little ladies going into nursing homes always makes me sad :o(. I know you will treasure them Jules.


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