Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recycled Burlap Coffee Sack

I went to a garage sale on Saturday & found a lovely old coffee sack.  When I asked how much it was the man gave it to me!  I came home & washed it & then today from the lining of the sack I made this shopping tote.  I added calico ruffles & bow. 

I was inspired by a bag made by Andrea Tarling in Haute Handbags.  I'm surprised by just how soft this bag is (not at all scratchy like some hessian (burlap) can be).  I now have to come up with some bags to make with the rest of it.

Hope you're having a lovely week.


  1. Beautiful Julie. What luck in finding the coffee sack.

  2. It looks lovely. The sack was a great find.


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