Friday, May 27, 2011

My Li'l Pink Bear

This is the little pink bear I was working on when I did my last post.  She's made from pale pink viscose.  I'd like to make her a little bit grungier though.  I might attack her with some parisian essence for a grubbier look.  It's always a bit scarey staining.  Maybe I should have stained her fur first. Oh well I'm sure she'll turn out ok, I do love her anyway!

Have a lovely weekend wherever in the world you may be!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Latest Thrifty Finds ...

Oh dear it has been a long time between posts!  Because I haven't actually finished a bear or critter in awhile I thought I'd show you some of my latest goodies!

The old green chippy milking stool I found at a local garage sale on the weekend.  The gorgeous old hanky box (complete with hankies) I bought off a friend at Petrie Markets.  I love the floral scene on the front of the box.  The two vintage purses were from another sale, as was the lovely old lolly jar.  I love the two old watches, one has a lovely mother of pearl face and the other is marquisite.

Ok now I'm off to work on a little pink bear.  Have a lovely week!