Monday, July 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home....

What a wonderful nine days I had in New Zealand visiting family & friends.  I was lucky enough to have two trips to the snow.  The first photo is St Arnaud Lake (Nelson district).  The snow on the second trip was right up to the edge of the lake.  The second photo is of  Blake & myself.  He's the reason for the trip back as it was his first birthday.  Kiera my four year old grand-daughter is the other photo.  She was out of the car & into the snow before her Mum could get her dressed in her snow gear.  She didn't seem to feel the cold, mind you her feet looked a bit frost bitten after we emptied the water out of her gumboots!

I hope you've all been staying warm wherever you are!  I am surprised to find it cold back here in Brisbane.  I thought I would find it a lot warmer after coming from the snow & frosts in New Zealand!


  1. It is cold here in Adelaide although not as cold as that photo looks. I'm so glad you had a lovely time with the grand children.
    My those sheep look as though they have cold toes.
    Hugs Kay

  2. Yay! Welcome home JB!! x♥

  3. Welcome back Julie!
    Yes, it's not snowing here, but not very warm :))



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