Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's That Time Of The Year Again.....

My bags are packed & in the morning I head off for Nelson, my home town in New Zealand.  This time my daughter & baby grandson are coming with me!  For the first time I will have all 3 grandchildren together!  Two baby boys & a beautiful grand-daughter who will be turning 4 while we are there!

I'm also planning to fit in a visit to an Antiques Fair, (and a few op-shops).  After I ditch all the pressies there should be plenty of room in my suitcase for some new treasures!!  The hatbox pictured I scored on my last trip home & the old bear is my very own from my childhood.  Sadly he has no eyes & his growler doesn't work.  He has glow in the dark paw pads though!  Hmm not sure if they still glow! 

See you all in 10 days!

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