Friday, February 18, 2011

Having a Ball in Hoi An!

After spending 8 days in Indonesia my husband & I flew to Hanoi.  Unfortunately I didn't realise it was still winter there & we arrived in summer gear!  Had to quickly buy long pants, jacket & scarf.  We travelled out to Halong Bay on Wednesday which was totally wonderful.  Was really saddened to hear the news yesterday though of a boat that had sunk & 12 people drowned.  Not a lot of safety requirements over here!

We travelled here to Hoi An yesterday & have been having a lovely time exploring the town.  Of course shopping up a storm is all part of the deal!  Hoi An has a lovely old world rustic charm to it & is especially pretty when it's all lit up at night. 

Sorry I can't add photos at this time as I'm just on a computer at the hotel.

Ok hope you are all doing well.  We  will be back home next Tuesday morning & I'm looking forward to catching up on all my blog reading!

Julie x


  1. Well! Look at you posting all the way from Viet Nam Joolz!!! I'm impressed!
    Glad you're having a fab time, but looking forward to your return. Miss you heaps! x
    Hiya Evan! x

  2. oi...i could have fit in your luggage if you really tried hard
    enjoy all that shopping


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