Friday, February 25, 2011

China Pretties From Todays Yard Sale

These are some of the pretties that I found at a local yard sale today.  One of the cups & saucers is the same as one I had as a child.  I think they came with an Easter Egg in them.  I love the silver teaspoons & sugar tongs.  There was also some mother of pearl pate knives & a wee fork.  

I'm going to be selling at Collectorama at Nambour next Saturday so some of these will be going as I don't have the room to keep it all.  Besides I need to make some money for our next trip!

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  1. I hadn't realised how gorgeous they all were when you told me about them today JB!! Fab buy!
    Mmmmm.... maybe if I go help you at Collectorama, I could snaffoo a few of them for my picnic baskets!! lolol. I'll have to save some pennies before then though! x


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