Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Bear & Bear Show

This is Annie, one of my latest creations.  I've dressed her in a grubby little vintage dolls dress that I found in an op shop in Atlanta last year & a very old baby jacket.  I found the jacket at a lovely little vintage shop in a small town called Esk when we were on our way to the Bear Show in Toowoomba last month. 
I'm slowly finishing off all my critters for Winter Wonderland this coming Saturday & Sunday at the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane.  I love starting new projects but finishing them off is a bit of a chore!

Don't you just love the little vintage baby sandals, they are just the cutest.  I will be selling these (if I can bring myself to part with them) & some cute little vintage baby dresses.

Hope you can come, it's the biggest Bear & Doll Show in Brisbane!


  1. I hope this weekend ends up a great one for you. wish I was there.

  2. Very cute Julie. You've picked a gorgeous little dress and baby jacket for your bear. Your bear turned out really well.

  3. sweet! i love seeing what 'personality' your bears have...this one seems as though nothing would bother her ~_~
    have fun at the show

  4. Hi Rosey lovely to hear from you! Yes I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun. xx


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