Saturday, December 17, 2011

BrisStyle Christmas Market Rocked

Wow what a market last night!  Pam & I shared a stall in the co-op tent & what a great time we had!!!  So many people came to shop, in fact we couldn't believe how many!  It was such a lovely atmosphere in King George Square, the Christmas tree was all lit up & there was live entertainment playing most of the night.   We were so busy that we didn't even get time to shop at the other stalls.

This is Pam (Nest in the Attic) in her Christmas attire.  Some of our bears and critters found new homes.  In fact it was a bit sad to say goodbye to my little chocolate brown pug dog  but the new owner loved her just as much as I did so that's ok!

Hope you're all having a great stress free weekend.  I'm off to do a bit of Christmas shopping tomorrow.


  1. The market sounds wonderful. Well done

  2. It was a great market! I'm glad I've found your stall :)



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