Friday, November 18, 2011

Off To The Big Apple

Tomorrow my husband & I are jetting off to New York for 4 nights.  We will then fly to Atlanta & then drive to Tennessee for 3 nights.  We will be there for Thanksgiving & will spend it with my husband's penfriend, Sheila, whom he met 27 years ago at a church conference.  After that it's on to other friends in Alabama & then 2 nights in Nashville & then back to New York for a night before flying home.

I'm looking forward to exploring the markets & vintage shops & of course all the other attractions on offer.
I think the highlight though will be making new friends & experiencing life in their homes especially Thanksgiving.


  1. Have a wonderful time. Sharing Thanksgiving with friends will be special.

  2. Woohoo Julie, sounds like a lot of exactly how long are you away? It sounds like a great adventure! Travel safe Kiss Noises Linda


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