Friday, August 26, 2011


Ok here he is, nearly finished!  Once he got his mane on he looked more like a Zebra! 
Thanks Rosemary from Bears for helping me with his ears.  It really is great being in a class where everyone is willing to help & offer new ideas! 

Have a great weekend wherever in the world you are!  It's supposed to be wet all weekend here in Brisbane.


  1. Hello Julie,

    Wow he looks amazing and he does look like a zebra! You have done a wonderful Job. We are getting the work done. Have a beautiful weekend Lisa

  2. Well after all that I knew you were kidding even if you didn't believe it yourself. He is the cutest, proudest little Zebra ever. Congratulations. Good things come to those who keep trying.

  3. He is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME Julie. He is without a shadow of a doubt - a ZEBRA.


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