Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Old Bear, Upcycled from Vintage Blanket

Meet Toby, he's my old looking bear that I've crafted from an old woollen blanket. I've coloured him with parisian essence & then dirtied him up a bit.  (He doesn't look as old as I would like him to look though, might have to do a bit more grunging!  I have fibre coming out of holes in his feet, which I have then darned over.  He's wearing an old vintage watch that I found in some of my Mum's stuff. 

He will be coming with me to the Ipswich Gala Doll  Fair on 3 April.


  1. You are tormenting me with these pictures!
    What a huggable bear.

    I hope the show goes well for you. Can't imagine it won't!


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