Monday, January 17, 2011

The Big Wet In Queensland


Well thankfully we were high and dry here in Upper Caboolture.  Other parts of Caboolture weren't so lucky and were isolated.  Some businesses were flooded in the lower lying areas.  My husband had to spend a night at a friend's house as the train he was on was turned back with safety concerns over the bridges it had to cross.  (I think runaway boats had hit the bridge).

My heart goes out to all the other people who lost loved ones and their homes.  It has been like watching a horror movie roll out before our very eyes. 

It has been heartwarming to hear of the wonderful people rallying to help those that have lost everything, so to do my little bit to raise some funds for the Premier's Appeal I have decided to auction off this sweet little elephant.

I have handmade her from mohair and I have used vintage fabric for paw pads and ears.  I have grubbied her for a bit of an aged look, and she is a collectable item only and not a child's toy.  Sitting she measures 18cm.  She is five-way jointed and has a wobbly neck.

How my auction works:

1. Bidding will start at $20 (Australian).
2. You can place a bid by leaving a comment on this blog post with your bid amount and email address. Please make sure that your bid is higher than the previous bidder.
3. Your bid must be in whole dollar increments.
4. This auction is open to everyone. Postage will be $5 for Australian residents and $10 for overseas buyers.
5. The auction begins NOW and will END at 9am on Monday 24th January 2011.
6. At the close of the auction, I will contact the winner (please make sure your bid comment includes your email address). The winner will pay the winning amount directly into the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal and send me proof of payment via email. Once proof of payment has been received, I will post your little elephant to you.
7. Thanks so much for taking part. Best of luck and happy bidding!


  1. Oh Julie, he is so sweet I will start the bidding at $20 and will post about this for you on my FB. Kiss Noises Linda

  2. this is the first time i have been able to get on here in ages...for some reason my computer aborts your page and a few others beofer i get a chance to read them. anyhow the link linda provided worked and i am happy to be second in line for a bid.
    i will pop my bid of $25 in and be back to try again.
    very kind of you to do so

  3. Thanks Rosie! Glad you could get on the page!

  4. I will continue the bidding at $30 for your Lovely ellie, Laurel

  5. Ellie would add to my elephant collection at $50

  6. Thanks ladies that's awesome!

  7. Bit sad :-(
    Think I have been priced out!
    Great job on raising the big bucks though!

  8. This is the most gorgeous little elephant. Sorry I'm not bidding - just admiring and wishing I could! The winner will be a very lucky person. Ann :)

  9. Thats's fantastic! Don't forget to send me your email address if you win.

  10. I bid $70 - goldwen at bigpond dot com

  11. Up to $75 now.
    Can someone tell me where i leave my address or e-mail address for contact if I win any of these auctions?

  12. Hi Jan,
    Thanks for another bid.
    If you win you can contact me on:

    Thank you all for bidding!

  13. Just letting you all know that this auction finishes at 9am Monday 24th.

    Thank you everyone for supporting such a worthy cause!

  14. Sold to Jan! Thanks for a great auction everyone!

    (Jan I will be in touch later).

  15. Jan can you please contact me with your email address. Thanks.


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