Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Op Shop Finds - Sweet Tablecloths

Oh my gosh I was lucky enough to find seven beautiful hand embroidered tablecloths yesterday.  Thought you might like a peek ....

I just love the one with bluebirds & grub roses.  One is yet to be finished, maybe I'll have to learn embroiderey at some time!
Have an awesome week!


  1. Hey! You didn't tell me you got 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of them yesterday JB!. and why didn't you bring them out and show me? hmmmm???
    You played it right down I have to say! Worried I'd want to take them? :))))

  2. JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS!!!! Great finds but yes I am JEALOUS...love the birdy one too...thanks for bringing the bears in, sorry I missed you on Sunday, hope you had a good day...if not surely this stash of tablecloths would make it a good week!
    Kiss Noises Linda

  3. Thank you so much for including my cloth in this gorgeous collection. I am flattered and greatly appreciate it!

    http://www.ameliemichel.com/ Restaurant Tablecloth


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